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Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award 
Eligibility  I  Nomination  I Selection

Award and Recognition

The Award winner will be presented at the Annual Quest for Excellence® conference. The annual Quest conference is sponsored by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees will 

  • demonstrate leadership behaviors and results consistent with the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence,
  • be willing to share their leadership practices as they relate to the HSH Award Core Value Attributes and Leadership Behaviors, and
  • be able to attend and receive the award during the annual Quest for Excellence®  conference.

Nomination Process

Candidates may be nominated by anyone; no self-nominations permitted. The Baldrige Foundation will confirm receipt of the nomination by e-mail.  

 A nomination submission includes a cover page, a nominee’s biography or curriculum vitae, and a nomination essay. 

Download the 2017 HSHLA Nomination Form
         (2017 nomination process begins in May 2016, see Key Dates)

Mail or e-mail the submission to the following:

Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award Administrator  
Baldrige Foundation
1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 1025
Washington, D.C. 20006



Key Dates for the 2017 Award Cycle

Deadline:  Nominations must be received by September 20, 2016, to be eligible for the 2017 Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award.

2017  Nomination Form Available                  May 2016

2017 Award Nominations Submitted             June 2016 – September 20, 2016
2017 Recipient Announced                             December 2016

2017 Award Ceremony                                     April 4, 2017 at the 29th Annual Quest
                                                                               for Excellence
® Conference

For more information, contact the Baldrige Foundation Harry S. Hertz Award Administrator at

Selection Process

The Baldrige Foundation appoints an award selection committee. Committee members may include Baldrige Award recipients, former Baldrige Award judges, Baldrige Program staff members, Baldrige Foundation board members, and others recommended by the Baldrige Foundation.

The selection committee primarily bases its initial review on information contained within nomination essays.  During the final selection process, additional sources of information may be sought.  Nominees will be vetted.

Nomination Essay and Selection Criteria


  1. Leads the organization in setting and owning organizational vision and values
  2. Guides the creation of strategies, systems, and methods to  ensure ongoing organizational success
  3. Creates and ensures a supportive and collaborative environment
  4. Inspires the organization and others to achieve high performance
  5. Engages in personal learning seeking input from others
  1. Sets a systems perspective across the organization so that the organization and all of its parts are viewed as a whole
  2. Causes holistic thinking and cross-functional synthesis, alignment, and integration
  3. Requires a focus on strategic direction and customers to improve overall performance
  1. Builds a customer-focused culture and integrates customer engagement as a strategic concept
  2. Creates a focus on anticipating changing and emerging customer and market requirements
  3. Ensures differentiation from competitors through the development of organizational knowledge, skills, and core competencies 
Valuing People

  1. Builds and fosters an organizational culture that focuses on engagement, development, and well-being of workforce members
  2. Creates an organizational environment that is safe, trusting, and cooperative
  3. Builds partnerships with internal and external people and organizations
  4. Capitalizes on the diversity of the workforce and partners
  1. Develops a capacity for rapid change and for flexibility in operations
  2. Leads and inspires the organization to make transformational changes despite ever-shorter cycle times
  3. Creates an empowered workforce that effectively uses evolving organizational knowledge
  4. Embeds learning in the way the organization operates
FOCUS ON Success
  1. Creates a focus on short- and longer-term factors that affect the organization and its future marketplace success
  2. Leads the pursuit of improvement and innovation
  3. Ensures that organizational planning anticipates future marketplace and technological influences
  1. Builds an environment that empowers the workforce to take intelligent risks
  2. Enables innovation to flourish and create value for stakeholders
  1. Compels the organization to measure performance both inside the organization and in its competitive environment
  2. Uses data and analysis in decision making.
  3. Challenges the organization to extract larger meaning from data and information
  1. Acts as a role model for public responsibility and actions leading to societal well-being and benefit
  2. Motivates the organization to excel beyond minimal compliance with laws and regulations
  3. Drives environmental, social, and economic betterment of the community as a personal and organizational goal

1.     Requires highly ethical behavior in all organizational activities and interactions
2.     Requires organizational integrity
3.     Leads with transparency through open communication of clear and accurate information

  1. Leads the organization to achieve excellent performance results
  2. Defines and drives the organization to exceed stakeholder requirements and achieve value for all stakeholders 

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