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What We Do

What members of the Alliance can do for you . . .

The most important service offered by members of The Alliance for Performance Excellence is the external assessment your organization undergoes when applying for a Baldrige-based award.

  • Internal Analysis 
    The data gathering and analysis needed to write the application provide an insightful self-assessment.

  • External Analysis & Feedback Report
    Provided by a team of trained examiners who identify your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Powerful Strategic Planning Tool
    The feedback report, when combined with the internal analysis, can be used for strategic planning to focus on process improvements that deliver customer value and greater productivity.

“If it weren't for the state Baldrige award process, Texas Nameplate would not be celebrating its 60th year in business as a small manufacturer. I strongly advocate the state award programs to any organization wanting to focus and improve its business performance."

Dale Crownover
President & CEO
Texas Nameplate Company, Inc.

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