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Events & Resources


The calendar below lists events of interest.  To view the list of events in each month, click on the month.

Special Events

25th anniversary of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

The Baldrige Community is celebrating the anniversary of the legislation that enacted the creation of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1987. This is a year long celebration that Alliance for Performance Excellence programs share. Visit the Baldrige Program’s 25th Anniversary webpage for  ( celebration events, letters and historical milestones.

Annual Quest for Excellence Conference. Visit the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website for the latest information on the next conference and Gala event.


Alliance Library

Please visit the new Alliance Library hosted on Contact a Library Admin to obtain a password for secure documents; Karen Shepard, or Anne Warner,

1. Alliance Public Documents:

2. Alliance Board Documents (Secure):

3. Alliance Leadership Committee (Secure):

4. Alliance Members (Secure):

State and Local Baldrige-based Award Programs

The Alliance for Performance Excellence is a non-profit network of national, state and local  Baldrige-based award programs. Members of The Alliance contribute over $30 million per year to performance improvement by assisting organizations on their journey to excellence.

Whether your organization is a Fortune 500 company, a small business, a school district, a healthcare facility, or a government agency, you can improve your performance and results by working with a member of The Alliance for Performance Excellence!  
To find a program near you, visit the State and Local Programs page.

NEW! Download the latest Baldrige marketing resources from

Resources include:

  • Baldrige Criteria PDF Brochures for each business sector (4 pages each)
  • Baldrige Criteria PDF Brochures summarizing all sectors (6 pages)
    • One brochure has a blank space on the last "order" page where you can edit and add your program specific information.
  • Baldrige Criteria PDF Postcard (1 page)
  • Baldrige Criteria promotional graphics for use on your website and in ads

Baldrige Resource Library

This library  makes available articles, videos and podcasts to the general public.  The purpose is to create a place to answer the question, “Where do I find out more?”  The content of the library is searchable by organization sector, key words, and industry.  Click on the following link to visit the Baldrige Resource Library:

Visit the Baldrige Resource Library Blog for article highlights and a summary of recent additions.

Board Resources


Rulon Stacey

CEO, Poudre Valley Health System

 "We do this at the Colorado Performance Excellence and Baldrige programs for one simple reason. We have found it saves lives."

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